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La Radio EUGENIO FINARDI Sugo 1976 / / We built this city JEFFERSON STARSHIP Knee deep in the hoola 1985 //Oh Yeah ROXY MUSIC Flesh and blood 1980 // Che tu ci creda o no ACQUARAGGIA 1981 //However much I booze WHO Who y numbers 1975 // As safe as yesterday HUMBLE PIE As safe as yesterday 1969 // Fitter stoke has a bath- HATFIELD AND THE NORTH – Rotters Club 1975 // Golf Girl CARAVAN In the land of grey and pink 1972 // Moon in June SOFT MACHINE Third 1970 // The Lantern ROLLING STONES Their Satanic Majestec Request 1967 // Time of the season ZOMBIES Singolo 1968 // Big yellow taxi JONI MITCHELL Ladies of the canyon 1970 / @Abbiamo tutti un blues da piangere PERIGEO 1973 // The Universal THE BLUR The great escape 1995 // Sad song LOU REED Berlin 1973 // The Jean Genet DAVID BOWIE Aladdin Sane 1973 // Making Plans for Nigel XTC Drums and Wires 1979 // Starlite THE MUSE Black holes and revelations 2006 // Quicksilver ACQUARAGGIA La torta in fondo al Cielo 2007 // Hijack JEFFERSON STARSHIP Blows against the empire 1970 // Its the end of the world as we know it REM Document 1987 // Better by me , better than you SPOOKY TOOTH SPOOKY TOOTH 1969 // Mexican radio WALL OF VOODO Call of the West 1982 // Keep on rockin STEVE MILLER BAND Fly Like an Eagle 1976
SIGLA D’ APERTURA E CHIUSURA / Opening and ending track // Dolce amara sinfonia ACQUARAGGIA - ARCHEOLOGIE - 2000 // BitterSweet simphony .