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domani mattina , tutte le domeniche mattina , ore 11.00
When the heat seems to overwhelm you think about the biting cold that will wait for you in winter and enjoy it, just as you should do in all seasons. We have 4 seasons available, but they are not varied kinjd of pizzas, but the different perceptions we have of this wonderful Planet called Earth (how much more because of us?). Among the many lovely things that happen there is always the possibility to refresh your soul with Great Pop Music, tomorrow morning at 11.00 a.m. on yastaradio.com, like every damned and blessed Sunday morning!
Mr. Spaceman Archaeology http://www.yastaradio.com/
tomorrow morning , every Sunday morning , 11.00 a.m. italian hour
track list
Bob Marley One Drop Survival 1979// Reggae National Ticket Reggae Radio Station Un affare difficile 1997 // Sud Sound System Reggae Internazionale -Punnu leu 1992 // //Acquaraggia Zahara Desert -Archeologie 2000 // Harry Belafonte Jamaica Farewell Calypso ‎1957 // Jimmy Cliff Many rivers to cross - The Harder they come 1972 // Linton Kwesi Johnson Bass Culture Bass Culture 1980 // Keep on walk and don t look back Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger single 1978 // Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter 1969 Let It Bleed // Patti Pravo I Giardini di Kensington Pazza Idea 1973 // David Bowie Drive In Saturday Aladdin Sane 1973 // Caravan If I could do it all over , I ll do it all over you 1970 // Gianfranco Manfredi Quarto Oggiaro Story Ma non è una malattia 1976 // // Jefferson Airplane Have you seen the saucers - 30 seconds over Winterland 1972 // Pearls before Swine I saw the world Balaklava 1968 // Shawn Philips She was waiting for her mother at the station of Torino Second contribution 1971 // New Trolls Signore io sono Irish Senza orario e senza bandiere 1968 // Fabrizio De Andrè Creuza de mar Creuza de mar 1984 Creuza de mar // Jack Bruce Theme fora n Imaginary Western Songs for a Tailor 1969 // // Deep Purple Might just take your life Burn 1974 // Le Orme Figure di cartone Uomo di Pezza 1972 // Yes Total Mass Retain Close to the Edge 1972 // // Wallace Collection Serenade Serenade 1970 // John Lennon Mind Games Mind Games 1973 //
Opening and closing . Dolce Amara sinfonia .