Rusty Cage, puntata 6 stagione 2017-2018: HIPPY JAZZ VOL. 1 - CHARLES LLOYD THE DREAMWEAVER

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HI FOLKS !!! Dalle 23 in onda la VI puntata della V stagione di Rusty Cage radio show : "HIPPY & PSYCHEDELIC JAZZ VOL. 1 - CHARLES LLOYD (historical) QUARTET - cos'hanno in comune CHARLES LLOYD, KEITH JARRETT, TOM SCOTT, GABOR SZABO con MIKE BLOOMFIELD & KEITH EMERSON ? LO SCOPRIRETE SOLO ALLE 23 ... "

HIPPY JAZZ VOL. 1 - Here are the beginnings of Charles Lloyd's career from Memphis: starting studying w/ Phineas Newborn jr., playing blues & r'n'blues w/ BBKing & Bobby Bland, directing the Chico Hamilton Quintet from 1962 to 1965 (with Gabor Szabo on guitar) and in the 1965 starting his historical Quartet (w/ Keith Jarrett, Jack de Johnette and Cecil McBee), influencing a lot of young white musicians (Paul Butterfield blues band and Keith Emerson & the Nice among them) and playing w/ the Doors, the Dead and the Beach Boys.
Here you can find some tracks from his incredibly talented youth (on tenor saxophone and flute) and some concrete examples of his great influence on the sound of the psychedelic and rock generation.
This is the episode 6 of the Season 5 of Rusty Cage radio show. Enjoy it :)


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