Rusty Cage, puntata 25 stagione 2017-2018: STEVE MORSE'S UNSUNG HEROES - THE DIXIE DREGS

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HI FOLKS !!! Dalle 23 in onda la XXV puntata della V stagione di Rusty Cage radio show "Rebel Jam (1977-1982) - Catch yourself ladies with (Steve Morse's) DIXIE DREGS : live and unreleased historical tracks from the craziest and most talented rock-prog-country-absurd funk-badass band of all times ! Before Steve went playing w/ Kansas and Deep Purple ... "

The Dixie Dregs (6 official albums on Capricorn Records & on Arista between 1977 and 1982) have been one of the most exciting live acts in the late 70's. They were talented musicians coming out from Miami University, loving the powerful and brilliant sound of The Mahavshnu Orchestra, British Progressive and power rock & hardcore-country coming in those years out from the South ! From the beginning (Refried Funky Chicken live at the Rebel Jam '78) to the end of their golden period (1982), you will appreciate powerful rock-opening tracks, the fastest uptempo-country tunes of all times, mysterious prog-ballads, incredible funk ... ALL INSTRUMENTAL TUNES (until 1982) !!! Their leader Steve Morse lately played w/ Kansas and. most of all, is Deep Purple' guitarist since 20 years ;)
This is Season 5 Episode 25th of Rusty Cage radioshow, originally broadcast live on Radio Onda d'Urto on Wednesday May 30th, 2018.


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