Rusty Cage, stagione 2019-2020: SKETCHES FROM CANADA ON THE ROAD VOL. I

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HI FOLKS ! ALLE 23 TORNA RUSTY CAGE !!! questa sera prima trasmissione della VII stagione, : "SKETCHES FROM SUMMER: CANADA, WHERE THE RIVER MEETS THE OCEAN" omaggio alle grandi band canadesi degli anni '60-'70-'80-'90 vol. 1

S07E01 - SKETCHES FROM CANADA ON THE ROAD VOL. I - Travelling on the road last summer in Far East Canada, listening to some of the greatest songs of the Canadian garage, rock, A.O.R. & folk music from the 60's to the deep 70's: The Haunted, Chad Allan & the Expressions, The Guess Who, The Steppenwolf, The Band, Rush, The Heart & many others ... Enjoy an hour of pure fan music !
This radioshow was originally broadcast on Wednesday, September 19th, 2019 on Radio Onda d'Urto at 11 p.m.
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