Amphitryon - DVD

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Check now some Exclusive pics from the Amphitryon DVD coming soon :

Direction Film by :
Elixir - Agitation visuelle   (A. Dhennin & E. Desbonnet)
Best French video-clip award at the 'Victoires de la Musique 2007'

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Amphitryon have toured with some major acts in different styles, such as After Forever, Shaman, Finntroll, Saxon, Paradise Lost and Therion to name a few !!!

~ October 2007 - Invisibles Oranges ~

  Amphitryon are one of the fresher breaths of metallic air I've experienced in a while. 
~ October 2007 - Metal Database ~

  Awesome choir vocals and a fast drumming 

~ May 2007 - Behind the Veil ~

above the common standards of the genre 

~ December 2006 - DisAgreement Online ~

Not just a good album, but also one that should be a pioneer for future developments of its genre 

Thomas Vikstrom from THERION sent a message to AMPHITRYON after the gig at RaismesFest 2007:

"Hello guys!!

Just wanted to say thank u for a great gig in Raismes!!

I was watching your gig and I think it was fantastic!! Thank you guys!!!"


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