AM:PM - Aberrant Minds Provoke Murder

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AM PM Aberrant Minds Provoke Murder(Self, 2014)
Score: 70

#FOR FANS OF: Metalcore/Melodic Brutal Death Metal Suicide Silence, Trivium



This debut EP from the Swiss metallers AM:PM is a rather nice amalgamation of modern Extreme Metal in a very succinct, brief package that does what it does quite nicely, but unfortunately what it’s doing isn’t exactly all that inventive or unique. Alternating between two tempos for the most part, fast and slow, the faster sections are pretty enjoyable thrash-infused Metalcore inspired riffs with a fine sense of melody and aggression with a fair bit of technicality offered while the slower sections are chug-heavy breakdowns ripped from the latest Brutal Death Metal section of the spectrum, and almost without exception the band tends to play in either section which tends to make this album feel a lot longer than it really is as there’s a lot of familiarity bred into these songs. They’re all nearly the same length and feature the same kind of tempo changes which makes them bleed into each other quite easily, which certainly isn’t helped by the gruff vocal growls that effectively match the intensity displayed but also keeps this one from being quite similar to everything. Even with this, it’s still a good enough example of the style that there’s some good to be had from the songs here. Instrumental intro ‘Prelude’ starts this off nicely with a melancholy riff that blasts into the driving Metalcore blasts and rhythms quite well as it segues into proper first track ‘Lady Hurricane’ as the spindly riffing and thrashing drumming with a series of sharp breakdowns chugging through the tight series of riffs make for quite a vicious, tight offering that gets this one charging along quite well. The heavy ‘Make a Choice’ blasts through with a thunderous roar blasting through tight, pounding rhythms and thick, heavy chugging riff-work breaking down into several vicious breakdowns that tends to wrap around throughout the finale for its most impressive track quite easily. ‘Humans are Their Own Rivals’ whips back into the Metalcore phase with some impressive swirling riff-work alongside the pounding rhythms as the chugging breakdowns return to carry the violent charge through the scalding finale that’s fun but again feels rather familiar. Finale ‘Salvation’ gets a little more exciting with an extended series of twisting rhythms thrashing through a mid-range series of riffs with the out-of-place clean vocals leading into the crushing breakdowns and trinkly keyboards sprinkled into the melodies for a fine ending impression here. It’s certainly a decent start here, but it’s just way too familiar at this stage to warrant more than a passing interest.