Kopper8 - Addiction

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Kopper8 Addiction(Self, 2015)
Score: 70

#FOR FANS OF: Thrash/Groove Metal, Pantera, Lamb of God




The debut effort from these French groove/thrashers offers up a rather enjoyable-on-paper approach that doesn’t really translate as well as it should onto the record, making for a disappointing if still slightly appealing effort. What works here is the generally groove-based approach to thrashing riff-work, leaving this with tight, crunchy riffing and explosive energetic rhythms that make for a rather engaging time here alongside the pounding drumming thrown into the mix. With the groove riff-work adding an extra bit of intensity to the proceedings, there’s some rather enjoyable times here but one which does come with some minor problems. The biggest issue here is the fact that almost all of the music here is arranged similarly, being a fast and aggressive opener and then settling into a mid-tempo charge almost verbatim throughout the rest of the song, and this does manage to leave the impression that if the opening riff isn’t appealing the song itself won’t be. It’s a pretty unappealing process, especially when several of the songs aren’t that good or feature endless rambling segments that tend to slow the music down to a crawl with their endless sprawling rhythms taking a lot of the energy out of the tracks. Still, this one does end up being enjoyable enough otherwise to come off rather nicely. Intro ‘Beast’ features a sampled snarling animal to lead into the tight grooves and raging riff-work alongside plenty of pounding drumming charging along at rather frantic grooves chugging along with fiery energy through the final half for a fun, engaging opener. The title track uses a swirling bass-line to slowly grow into a crushing series of oppressive grooves offering plenty of toughened rhythms thrashing along to the striking solo section that carries on through the charging finale for a highly enjoyable highlight effort. ‘La Haine’ uses tight swirling riffing and strong crushing rhythms bringing along plenty of tight patterns and charging atmospheres to the steady mid-tempo paces leading throughout the steady grooves of the final half makes for a fine if slightly unimportant effort. ‘HateGod’ features a strong swirling bass-line and steady plodding rhythms that allow the simple grooves plenty of swirling rhythms that follow along the one-note pace with light melodic clanging leading into the sprawling finale for an overall unimpressive effort. ‘Evanglie’ takes tight, raging grooves and plenty of chugging riffing through plenty of raging tempos weaving throughout swirling riff-work as the sprawling melodic segments turning back into blistering thumping grooves for the final half in yet another strong highlight effort. ‘Patrie’ blasts through tight drum-work and chugging grooves raging along through the up-tempo paces leading into the steady paces leading the blasting patterns alongside the charging groove riffing through the thumping dynamics of the finale for a strong and overall enjoyable track. ‘Born to Die’ uses blistering razor-wire riffing and pounding drumming through a tight, up-tempo groove that settles into a thumping mid-tempo pace with the charging riff-work keeping the strong rhythms in place for the fiery final half that makes for another enjoyable offering. ‘L'Elogie de la folie’ features light guitars soon turning into sprawling, plodding paces and rather light rhythm work that ends the album-proper on a decidedly disappointing note. Lastly, bonus tracks appear in the 2015 remixes of ‘Amnesia’ and ‘Requiem’ sound like energetic and respectful versions of the originals without really adding anything really unique to them beyond the updated, crunchy sound to fit in with the rest of the tracks and makes them entirely serviceable if completely unneeded. While there’s enough to like it’s still got some problems overall here.