Decrepit Soul - The Coming of War

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decrepit soul the coming of war(Iron Bonehead Productions, 2016)

Score: 80

#FOR FANS OF: Black/Death Metal, Abominator, Bestial Warlust





With two albums released back-to-back like these, Aussie war metallers Decrepit Soul could’ve easily burnt themselves out before they started though luckily that is not the case on their second full-length. Like most such groups, this one is predicated around primal, savage-sounding blackened death metal riff-work filled with swirling tremolo rhythms and the occasional mid-tempo atmospheric sprawling section thrown in for the sake of diversity, that all comes from the playbook of the acts typified in the particular genre. The fast rhythms and utterly blasting, filthy drum-work is a dynamic, devastating attack that works really nicely at generating the kind of furious patterns that makes for that wholly fun experience here even with that overly familiar style which is only exacerbated by the main flaw in the overall brevity. This is where the quick turn-around somewhat hurts this as the short running time isn’t really offering the kind of opportunities to explore more here with this one giving it a rather uniform appeal over the short number of tracks. It easily could’ve used some additional tracks to help this one out. The tracks themselves aren’t all that bad. Opener ‘Awaken’ uses a sampled approaching-storm intro that turns into ravenous drumming and blasting, tightly-wound rhythms keeping the frenetic tremolo riffing scalding along through the savage tempo changes as the furious paces gives way to a mid-tempo sprawl leading back into the furious pounding in the final half for an impressive opening effort. ‘Feral Howling Winds’ features rattling tremolo riffing and steady drumming turning into a frantic burst of furious blasting and tight, intense rhythms carrying the swirling rhythms along into ravenous buzzing patterns leading into the swarming riff-work and intense blasting in the final half for a stellar highlight. The title track utilizes frenetic blasting drumming and swirling tremolo riffing into a frantic, intense blast full of blistering up-tempo paces carrying the buzzing tremolo riff-work alongside the blistering drumming as the screeching leads whip through the extended-noise finale for an impressive and dynamic if one-note offering. ‘Perished in Flames’ uses a slow-building intro with plenty of melodic rhythms through a fine mid-tempo buzzing riff-work leading into the tight, furious blasting and swirling tremolo rhythms firing through scalding tempos with frantic leads into the solo section and into the relaxing final half for a solid, enjoyable effort. ‘Piscatorial Death’ takes the storm-cloud intro before gradually coming into the frantic, furious blasting with charging patterns and plenty of swirling tremolo riffing leading along through the sprawling mid-tempo sections filled with the tight rhythms along the finale for another solid track. ‘Black Goats Breath’ uses immediate blasting drumming and steady mid-tempo rhythms running along to the swirling tremolo patterns along the chaotic drumming with the frantic riffing leading through the tight leads with the buzzing patterns holding the intensity throughout the final half for a solid highlight. Lastly, album-closer ‘Storm of Steel’ features an extended melancholic intro with the change-over into tight blasting drumming and furious mid-tempo rhythms holding the tight, frantic patterns along with furious buzzing tremolo riff-work and blasting drumming running through the steady frenetic paces into the extended fade-out finale for an explosive and charging lasting impression. For the most part the songs work, it’s the brevity that holds it back.