Dominance - XX - The Rising Revenge

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dominance xx the rising revenge(Sliptrick Records, 2016)

Score: 80

#FOR FANS OF: Death Metal, This Ending, Hackneyed




Always one to take their time when it comes to releases, the third full-length from Italian death metallers comes off as a wholly fine and enjoyable effort that brings along plenty of enjoyable elements for what it does. Taking a deep, churning groove alongside tight melodic flurries and plenty of blasting drumming with a series of Metalcore-influenced riffing and the odd breakdown, this is a somewhat more modern take on the classic death metal sound that gets displayed here and manages to get some wholly intriguing mash-ups here where this one generates a tight series of churning riff-work and thunderous rhythms alongside a series of breakdowns and cleanly-sung lyrics. Though the more traditional tracks end up overwhelming and outnumbering this style, there’s enough of an appearance there that it does feel quite novel and intriguing when it occurs though it’s still quite clear that this is only on select tracks and they remain the weakest ones here by just being so jarring and off-putting against the other tracks here. Still, for the most part the songs here aren’t all that bad. Instrumental intro ‘XX’ takes a light, melancholic droning riff with a gradual build-up series of rhythms and tight drumming that sets up proper first track ‘Journey to a New Life’ as the thumping drum-patterns and swirling riff-work continually pummel along through the tight, twisting riff-work charging along through the stuttering, breakdown-influenced sections leading to the tight, stylized pounding patterns into the solo section and running into the fine finale for a decent start here. ‘This Is War’ features swirling razor-wire riffing holding the frantic, stuttering riff-work throughout the tight rhythms leading to the strong series of thumping mid-tempo sections keeping the steady riff-work along throughout the frantic patterns and melodic rhythms in the final half for a stronger effort overall. ‘Into the Fog’ utilizes swirling melodic tempos and a steady mid-tempo series of gloomy rhythms that keep the stylish riff-work and pounding drumming heading along into Metalcore-inspired patterns in the main sections turning into stuttering rhythms heading into the melancholy finale for a solid enough effort. ‘Twisted’ features a thumping series of tight rhythms and plenty of pounding drumming keeping the heavy chugging riff-work and thumping mid-tempo patterns that begin charging along throughout the hardcore-inspired breakdowns and swirling melodic leads running into the tight final half for a wholly enjoyable offering. ‘Dear Next Victim’ takes a series of start-up riffing into a strong series of up-tempo drumming holding the steady rhythms along throughout the blazing patterns that continually drops off into rocking clean-sung lines with heavy grooves that continually whip along at a steady mid-tempo pace into the charging finale for a strong highlight offering. ‘Breathless’ uses a sampled intro to blast into utterly frantic drumming and tight, swirling riff-work blasting along at frantic full-throttle speeds with plenty of tight grooves holding the frantic riff-work along through the fiery solo section and on through the final half for another blazing highlight effort. ‘Just a Reflection’ gradually builds up from soaring melodic leads into a series of steady mid-tempo thumping with sterling melodic riff-work and plenty of frantic blasting drumming keeping the tight patterns along into the series of breakdown-inspired tempo shifts and melodic rock leading into the apocalyptic finale for a solid if unspectacular effort. ‘Time to Pay’ takes tight, thumping riff-work and plenty of steady melodic leads running along to the thumping mid-tempo patterns before turning into a rather frantic up-tempo series of rhythms running alongside the melodic leads twisting through the churning mid-tempo grooves throughout the final half for a solid enough offering. Lastly, ‘Rise Again’ takes a gradual intro building into a steady series of thumping mid-tempo riff-work churning along to the melodic trinkling alongside the churning riff-work with plenty of steady grooves keeping a blistering mid-tempo charge through the strong rhythms leading into the angelic finale for a highly enjoyable lasting impression. Though this is a fun album, there’s some troubling sections holding it down.