Megascavenger - As Dystopia Beckons

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Megascavenger As Dystopia Beckons(Selfmadegod, 2016)

Score: 75

#FOR FANS OF: Swedish Death Metal, Demiurg, Necrogod, Paganizer




Swedish death metal project Megascavenger are part of multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Rogga Johansson’s never-ending series of bands dedicated to keeping the flame alive for the original wave of Swedish-flavored death metal. That is the main focus of the album, atmospheric Swedish death that whips the familiar churning buzzsaws through the blazing tremolo-accented riffing and plenty of flowing buzzsaw grooves that make for the ever-present Stockholm-style brand of Swedish death metal that is part of Rogga’s trademark style. The different vocalists present do give the songs a somewhat different vibe here with the different growling and shrieks generating a wholly varying atmosphere to go along with the album’s main drawback in the enhanced usage of industrial keyboards. This is so prominent in the second half of the album that it really derails the intensity and savageness of the first half and drags the album down considerably. Still, for the most part the songs are quite enjoyable. Opener ‘Rotting Domain’ gets this going nicely with stuttering start/stop riff-work and churning buzzsaw rhythms with that slowly form into a stylish gallop with crushing drumming and plodding rhythms that bring along plenty of full-throttle patterns in the final half for a strong opener. ‘The Machine That Turns Humans into Slop’ uses a blaring industrial intro before turning into a frantic mid-tempo groove with blistering drumming and hard-hitting rhythms that churns and burns throughout the final half for a fine and enjoyable enough offering. ‘Dead City’ features more melody-tinged riffing into a fine mid-tempo gallop with the rumbling rhythms and stylish patterns keeps the straightforward and plodding riff-work charging along with the melodic accents keeping the fiery melodies along throughout the final half for a decent enough effort. ‘As the Last Day Has Passed’ goes for the heavily industrial rhythms and pounding patterns that rumble along throughout the first half as the tradeoff with the blaring keyboards and the deep churning riff-work carries throughout the final half for a decent effort. ‘The Hell That Is in This World’ takes scattered riffing and straightforward rumbling drumming along through a stylish and simplistic series of riffing with the exposure of extreme industrial keyboards rattling along to more choatic patterns in the final half for a somewhat disjointed and jarring effort. ‘Dead Rotting and Exposed’ offers more industrial sampling that gives way to swirling tremolo-picked riffing with plenty of stylish howling riffing and plodding industrial tones that give way to the accented patterns throughout the final half that starts off great but really peters out in the finale. ‘Steel Through Flesh Extravaganza’ drops the churning riffing for a straight industrial charge with chugging riffing and simple drumming carrying the straightforward churning riff-work and pounding rhythms along through the final half for a decent offering. ‘The Harrowing of Hell’ goes for a complete industrial rock vibe with straightforward chugging riffing and an abundance of industrial keyboards without any churning riffing patterns and clean vocals that offers such a distracting, out-of-touch vibe that it really doesn’t fit on the album as a whole. Lastly, the instrumental title track outro goes for more industrial-flavored keyboard series of noises and blaring noises that fits with the eerie tone of the rest of the album but just seems like wasted time on the release overall which does end this on a somewhat bad note with the back-to-back weak tracks. Still, it gets enough right to work somewhat.