Except One - Haunted Humanity

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Except One Haunted Humanity(Self, 2016)

Score: 70

#FOR FANS OF: Melo Death/Metalcore, Eths, The Agonist




Emerging from the French underground, the new EP from Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore hybrid Except One have quickly become a vibrant part of the scene with the five-piece honing into a fine mixture of aggression and beauty. As is the case for most modern female-fronted efforts in the style, the main crux of the band is the ability to shift between the deep, heavy churning riff-work with the accompanied gruff, violent vocals while still maintaining a clear balance of lighter, groove-centered work throughout here that gives this a strong overall variety between the aggressive rhythms and relaxed melodies. While it’s somewhat of a one-note approach without really bringing any kind of differentiatly throughout here, for the most part there’s not a lot to dislike here with the consistency ringing true throughout here. Intro ‘Rise’ whips along through a series of tight chugging breakdowns and stylish mid-tempo groove-centered riffing that carries along nicely through the rather charged final half for a solid, impressive opening highlight. ‘Lost’ offers along a slightly more up-tempo and energetic variation with a greater emphasis on deep, heavy chugging and twisting metalcore-styled rhythms while ramping up the breakdowns and sprawling patterns into the finale for another strong highlight. ‘Schizofriend’ takes on slightly more melodic swirling riffing alongside some ferocious and strong grooves wrapping around the sprawling massive rhythms that chugs along into the final half for a fine if solid enough effort. ‘Revenge’ returns to the strong and tightly-wound chugging patterns found here with plenty of fine breakdowns amongst the groove-filled chugging into the finale for a much stronger effort. ‘Elm Street’ features a strong plodding chug rhythm and swirling breakdowns alongside the slower pace while bringing in the stronger and less intensive charging rhythms leading into the grinding finish. ‘Disease’ brings forth plenty of strong and straightforward grooves among the swirling riff-work offering ferocious and charging blasts of strong swirling melodies into the final half for another fine highlight. Lastly, album-closer ‘7even’ moves past a trinkling opener into another strong, swirling blast of grooves and churning riffing to a fine, melodic whole offering the charging breakdowns and grooves heading into the finale for another nice effort and a good lasting impression. On the whole there’s quite a lot to like here.