Enemy Of The Enemy - Hellequin

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Enemy Of The Enemy Hellequin(Self, 2013)

Score: 65

#FOR FANS OF: Alternative Metal, Lamb of God, Machine Head, Slipknot




In existence for almost a decade, French metallers Enemy of the Enemy have provided a strong blend of styles together into their music as they’ve refined and honed their sound into their current hybrid style mixture. Taking plenty of solid churning groove-style riffing from modern metal, adding in alternative patterns and rhythms while dipping their feet into such diverse and seemingly disparate elements as ska, breakdown-heavy hardcore and slight rap influences in the vocals though they retain more of a solid metal growl for the majority of the time. It works nicely enough overall here when this is the main focus, keeping the strong churning riffs at the forefront which makes for some lively work here, but when it drops this in favor of spotlighting the bland, plodding ska is where this slips with the vast majority of tracks containing these at the forefront suffer highly from a lack of energy and are just plain a drag to get through and really highlights a distressing problem with this one. Still, there’s a lot to enjoy with this one. Opener ‘Lost Generation’ offers a slew of fiery churning riff-work and statticco rhythms that contain plenty of crunchy patterns as the switch-over into the series of bland noodling patterns carries out into the chugging final half for a decent enough opening charge. Both ‘Farm Boy’ and ‘Dangerous Species’ drop a lot of the churning riff-work for more of a down-tempo ska-infused charge which carries along into the droning noodling throughout that brings about the few churning riffing throughout the finale for decen enough efforts. ‘Oh Glory (Superstar)’ is a simplistic series of swirling grooves and a straightforward tempo which are carried on throughout unending into a series of rather simplistic and unending churning for a rather quick and unimpressive effort. ‘Angels Can Die’ also features the discordant noodling and plodding ska-infused rhythms yet keeps the churning grooves and more in the forefront here with the discordant patterns keeping the churning rhythms along through the finale for a rather enjoyable effort. ‘Nowhere’ features a straightforward and unyielding assault of simplistic swirling grooves with the occasional burst into fiery churning rhythms and hardcore-ish breakdowns throughout the final half for a strong and enjoyable highlight. ‘Smooth Pussy’ winds through bland and utterly unimpressive plodding that carries along into the series of churning riff-work with the electronica stylings throughout the final half being incredibly out-of-place and just makes for such a useless and uninteresting track, ‘Beast’ brings it back to the charging grooves and swirling patterns with plenty of lively rhythms alongside the mainly simplistic mid-tempo chugging featured throughout into the final half for a solid and much more enjoyable offering. ‘This Is A Gift’ uses the simplistic and deep churning groove riffing and simplistic breakdowns for a series of vicious, plodding patterns and swirling rhythms that bring about the chugging riffs into the sprawling finale for a solid enough track. Finally, album-closer ‘Vendetta’ goes back to the sprawling ska rhythms and plodding rhythms before charging back into the occasional burst of swirling groove patterns with the main sections on display containing the plodding paces which leaves to a wholly bland lasting impression overall. This is the main element wrong with this one overall.