Recitations - The First of the Listeners

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Author: Caspian Yurisich


Recitations The First of the Listeners(Avantgarde Music/Signal Rex, 2016)
Score: 85

#FOR FANS OF: Avantgarde Black Metal




Man, this is pretty great stuff. It's been a fair while since a black metal album has captured my interest, but this is really good shit. Recitations manage that often rarely achieved trinity that all quality metal has, a good atmosphere, massive riffs, all while being a genuinely entertaining listen.

An entertaining listen? Well sure, sort of. Recitations are by no means accessible, but amidst the buzzing mayhem of "Tongueskull Sacrament" the brief, krautrock-from-hell interlude works ridiculously well, especially as it's switched between a huge, almost Angelic Process-ish pound. I wouldn't necessarily call this "psychedelic black metal" or anything but it's not too far from the truth, and it's done really well. It's just this hallucinotory journey where everything is deep and dark but still kinda beautiful to look at. Track 3's intro is another example- and it's a fine bit of music in general- dark, endlessly bubbling, all these distant chants and synths hovering at the end of your imagination. It's like being trapped in an ancient crypt that's covered in glow in the dark stars, or something.

The word that keeps on coming to mind is "deep". Perhaps it's the synths that sound like they're recorded a long way underwater; maybe it's the cavernous production. I work around a mine, and recently I went underground for the first time- it was occasionally strangely beautiful, but just as often an ugly, hostile place- sometimes the water would cascade down the rocks and glow strangely, other times it would be 45 celsius, pitch black, super claustrophobic and the air would be old and stale. I liken that to this album, it has plenty of haunting moments but just as often it's big riffs and distinctive, howled vocals pounding away at your skull. 

It's the sort of album that provokes a lot of different images in your head- a ritual of immense power, a malevolent space entity, a contact with the secret chiefs; and it's a real pleasure to put this on and let your imagination run wild. All up quite a unique album, and I wish the album was a lot longer. Consider that a huge compliment and a big recommendation.