H-One - Cygne II

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H One Cygne II(Dooweet Records, 2016)

Score: 65

#FOR FANS OF: Hardcore/Modern Metal, Gojira, Soulfly




Active for nearly a decade, French metallers H-One came together from brothers Adrian and Alan who quickly rounded out their numbers into a full line-up that plays a rather energetic and engaging modern metal attack. This is mostly apparent in the rather straightforward riff-work present which adopts a typically hardcore-influenced series of chugging rhythms without as many breakdowns while offsetting that with progressive swirling patterns to get things quite hard-hitting and full of noodling riffing that makes for a nice burst of modern metal throughout here. Though it’s quite apparent here that the straightforward nature of the material here doesn’t really create much of an impression here as the band tends to mostly utilize a simplistic series of chugging rhythms that aren’t in the slightest bit employing any variety or dynamic riffing in their attack, making this a mostly hollow burst of music that doesn’t really go anywhere beyond being simply angry and heavy. Though that’s the case the music when it’s on the better end of their spectrum does come off rather nicely. Intro ‘Salt War’ features tight, ravenous riffing and heavy chugging breakdowns with plenty of furious rhythms and blasting tempos carrying on through the sprawling patterns that carry on for a strong opening. ‘Home’ takes jangly rhythms and stuttering riff-work into a series of plodding chug-patterns swirling through lame noodling patterns that wandering around aimlessly throughout the finale which makes for a wholly bland and lifeless offering. ‘Pray for My Name’ moves through somewhat livelier plodding chug-rhythms and bursts of tight, energetic drumming that makes for a rather nice contrast to the barreling drumming and tight lock-step riffing blasting into the later half for an effective highlight. ‘Mother’ uses stronger churning riff-work and plenty of thumping patterns to offer a slight series of trinkling patterns to the charging groove-laced chugging carrying on through the final half for a decent enough offering. ‘Headcharger’ features bouncy swirling chugging riff-work and a bouncy mid-tempo pace with light thumping rhythms along through the plodding sprawl-like rhythms keeping this one charging along into the plodding finale for a decent enough track. The instrumental ‘Moved Reasons’ serves as a decent album-break for ‘Black Cloud’ which features plenty of stylish chugging and trinkling patterns mixed along the tight, swirling breakdowns flowing throughout the final half with the chugging intermingled alongside for a highly enjoyable effort. Lastly, album-closer ‘Final Track’ contains tight chugging rhythms alongside sprawling loops of swirling melodic tones and plenty of straightforward rhythms before leading into silence with an acoustic track leading into the end which makes for a fine if decent enough lasting impression. That, in the end, is the overall feel of the album as a whole.