Homicidal Raptus - Erotomaniac Hallucinosis

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Author: Five_Nails


Homicidal Raptus Erotomaniac Hallucinosis(Self, 2016)

Score: 80

#FOR FANS OF: Brutal Death, Autopsy




Homicidal Raptus is a one-man brutal death metal band from Italy that has been around since 2013. With his first full length release, 'Erotomaniac Hallucinosis', clocking in at only half an hour, Riccardo Cantarella gives you some of the most disgustingly heavy brutal death metal to come out this year. Unlike some brutal death metal acts though, Homicidal Raptus not only acknowledges the comedy of such a ridiculously abrasive and over-the-top style of music, the main mind behind this band revels in it with some of the most irreverently funny song titles I've seen this year. However, none of this comedy comes at the expense of musical quality or a keen ear for producing his powerful sound. Riccardo Cantarella is a fantastic musician who lays down a thick and grotesque symphony of slaughter throughout this short but engrossing album.
There is a lot of Autopsy sound in “Disemboweled in a Public Toilet” with a great swing and rip to it. Parts of the song give off a vibe like a disgusting version of Deeds of Flesh creating a technical frenzy of drumming intermixed with the early death metal giant's guitar sound. This song is definitely the album's money track. The guttural sounds like some Brodequin while the high screams sound enough like Corpsegrinder to give a sanguine sonic skillfullness to this very sanity shredding song. Cantarella tacitly brings in double bass triplets during the opening before the main riff is done away with for a serious slaughter, sprinkles some impeccable snare grinds each time the song ramps up, intensely breaks down through the end of the song, and immediately picks that rhythm back up as the basis for “Acid Disfigured Justice”. The snare blasts combined with the guitar riff are excruciatingly exhilarating and the pacing of this album coalesces into an undulating assault of brutal death metal. From the ridiculous vocals and the grooving breakdown in “The Pride Sanitarium” to the memorable rhythm of “Raped by the Mutants”, there is no shortage of creative and pummeling ideas thrown into this roiling carnage stew.
In all, 'Erotomaniac Hallucinosis' is an album that maims to please. Homicidal Raptus delivers straightforward brutal death metal done very right and leaves you wanting more of this repugnant ridiculousness.