Beyond Chronicles - Human Nation

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Beyond Chronicles Human Nation(Dooweet Records, 2016)

Score: 65

#FOR FANS OF: Melodic Death Metal, Across the Burning Sky, Enchridrion




In existence since 2012, Paris-based Melodic Death Metallers Beyond Chronicles have steadily risen to the point of allowing their influences to take place in bringing out the groups’ finest official release yet following their continuous stretch of live dates to hone their skills. Built around short, stuttering rhythms and a crunchy mid-tempo attack, there’s a generally solid attack featured throughout here that makes the generally one-dimensional material come to life. With the infusion of swirling melodic rhythms throughout the vast majority of the tracks as well as the inclusion of a stellar dynamic mixing together the hoarse shouts with the clean crooning it all comes off with a fine light melodic touch that’s quite nicely in keeping with the general feel of the album. There’s little to be done, though, for how much of an impact the flaws have on this one as the material is quite light and one-dimensional which makes for a fine if much too familiar experience where the album really loses steam in second half. Still, for the most part the tracks themselves aren’t that bad. Following intro "Ground Zero," efforts like "Cold Vengeance," "Last Transmission" and "Powerless" feature plenty of enjoyable fiery rhythms and tight patterns to be solid highlight offerings, while slower mid-tempo elements like "Upon Them" and "The Best at Everything" all show up as the best of the rest. It’s certainly decent enough for the genre, but it does have its problems.