Violet - Kin

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Violet kin(Self, 2017)

Score: 65

#FOR FANS OF: Atmospheric/Post Black Metal, Agalloch, Chiral




Still fine-tuning their sound, Rhode Island black metallers Violet have come upon a rather strong mix of atmospheric black metal and post-rock riffing to leave this a solid if somewhat underwhelming effort. The long, swirling riff-work and churning rhythms present for the majority of the tracks here present a light background for the music to rumble along due to the loose song structures apparent throughout here. It rumbles forth quite nicely and has some solid moments here with the sporadic riffing giving this some life, although it tends to simply come off way too simplistic and repetitive as the exact same rhythms are utilized for the tracks here and it can make these feel too similar to each other. Opener "Haunter" and the rumbling "Kin" are the most expressive and enjoyable tracks, while the frantic outbursts of "Bloodless" offer some strong potential of what’s in store in the future. For the most part, it’s really just the fact that there’s not a whole lot to really distinguish these from each other.