Digir Gidim - I Thought There Was the Sun Awaiting My Awakening

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Author: Alejandro "Morgoth" Valenzuela



Digir Gidim I Thought There Was the Sun Awaiting My Awakening(ATMF, 2017)

Score: 65

#FOR FANS OF: Cosmic Black, Deathspell Omega




I decided to check this record out for the great cover art and the superb title, I mean 'I Thought There Was the Sun Awaiting My Awakening' sounds truly epic and interesting. However, my expectations were too high for this album. Digir Gidim plays a dissonant black metal with cosmic and space influences from the genre, also evoking bands such as Deathspell Omega and The Ruins of Beverast, just to mention a couple. Their music is dense and complex at times, but repetitive and just too long in some other parts. And this can be a problem, I struggled to listen to the whole album at once, the massive tracks and the music production makes the album way to heavy and boring throughout.

The first track is twelve minutes long, I personally enjoy long anthems and long records, but I couldn’t properly enjoy this one due to the structure of its songs. “The Revelation of the Wandering”, for example, plays with the same idea over and over again, this done properly can create a masterpiece but a gifted and experienced mind is needed to succeed in this craft. "Det Som En Gang Var" from Burzum’s 'Hvis Lyset Tar Oss' is a great example of a repetitive but great song.

The production and the mix of this work is decent for the genre, nevertheless after several sessions listening to the album with high-quality headsets, I couldn’t determinate if the drums were programmed or played with a proper drum set, at times the sound of the percussions is sharp and organic such as the double bass passages, but the blast beat sounds electronic at full speed. Maybe it is just the mastering and echoing sound they used for the final work, or Utanapištim Ziusudra is a capable drummer I’m misjudging.

“The Glow Inside the Shell” is the highlight of the album, the best song in music, structure and composition. With this track Digim Gidim delivers what — I think — they wanted to do with the whole album: truly enjoyable epic music that invites to reflection and deep thoughts, forcing the listener to put all his attention to every single note they play which are leading our journey. Clean chants, dissonant guitars, bestial drumming and a distant synth create the cosmic ambiance the art cover and the album title evokes.

'I Thought There Was the Sun Awaiting My Awakening' is filled with good ideas and great execution of the black metal art. However, it fails at delivering reflective and meditational long enjoyable anthems, saved for a couple outstanding songs, the album is a good debut album that could have been a marvelous one if they only had shortened some songs and sacrificed some notions and vices of the genre. Anyway, this band is a promising addition we must keep an eye on.