Talv - Entering a Timeless Winter

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Talv Entering a Timeless Winter(ATMF, 2017)
Score: 55

#FOR FANS OF: Depressive Black, Burzum




Talv is an Italian one-man project created back in 2012. Andrea is the sole musician behind this band coming from Milano. The project was previously created with a different name, Trees in the Fog, but he rapidly decided to change it for a much shorter name. Andrea´s purpose was to play black metal with a raw and discordant touch, but keepin always with an atmospheric approach. I am not very familiar with his previous stuff, but there is no doubt that dissonance played a main role on his early works. The vocals, for example, were recorded with several strange effects, though aesthetically they had a clear approach to what we usually can find in several DSBM bands.
Anyway, this third album starts a new era for Talv according to what Andrea says. Has Talv changed that much? Only in some aspects. The album itself is not aesthetically so different in comparison to the previous releases, the songs have again a mainly slow and repetitive tempo and they are quite long. “Dreaming a Funeral in Another Life” is the album opener and it lasts almost ten minutes. Its slow and repetitive tempo is something you will find in the whole album, and its purpose is clearly to create a hypnotic atmosphere. The other three tracks strictly follow the same pattern and the only difference can be found in the fifth song, a cover from the amazing German band Coldworld. This is a purely ambient track which serves as a nice and calm ending for the album. 
The main difference which makes 'Entering a Timeless Winter' a different beast from Talv´s previous efforts, is the production. This new work has a quite much lowered sound, with a quite raw yet atmospheric production. I would say that is the classic low-fi production we can find on bands which play DSBM with an intense atmospheric touch. I am not a great fan of this production, but I must admit that I prefer it over the more dissonant and noisy sound of the previous cds. The vocals sound indeed quite different as this production makes them sound less chaotic, and a little bit more buried in the production, anyway they can easily be listened to. His screams follow the typical pattern, tortured and repetitive screams which fit with the rest of the music. 
In conclusion, my impression is that Talv has left behind his more dissonant and discordant influences, at least if we talk about the production itself, and has immersed in a more traditional and low-fi atmospheric/depressive black metal, obviously influenced, in its repetitive and slow tempo, by Burzum. It’s not by any means an outstanding record but I personally consider it a step forward in the correct direction. Even though a little bit of variety would be more than welcome. Personally, I would strongly recommend a more dynamic instrumentation to make the music more interesting. Anyway, 'Entering a Timeless Winter' can be enjoyed if you dig this style and have the appropriate mood to immerse yourself in this anthem of endless despair.