Chorosia - Chorosia

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Author: Pietro Cavalcaselle


Chorosia(Self, 2018)

Score: 75

#FOR FANS OF: Sludge/Psych Doom




Vienna represents, probably second only to Berlin, the European electronic music’s fulcrum. Every night, waves of hopeless people are melting in clubs and the offer of these synthetic rooms is practically unlimited. In a city where techno expresses his sovereignity, a band named Chorosia makes his debut with a 53 minutes album full of hope for the metal scene. The work appears even too sophisticated to be a self-production, these guys indeed entirely wrote, produced and mastered the album and, most of all, released it free from labels: everything sounds definitely way far from a rudimentary project. Hoarse voices are kneaded to hypnotic riffs and elegant arpeggios, the first track introduces clearly Chorosia’s mission: "Priestess of Doom", what else better than a female holy guide to attract new masses and redeem Vienna from his sins? The peak of the album can be identified in the tracks "The Lurking Fear", followed by "Harm", a deep navigation between strenght and harmony. This tracks duetto expresses, in my opinion, what this Austrian ensemble is, aka a living oxymoron: an expert rookie band (they formed in 2017) spreading profound vibrations in a city intoxicated by daw-music and hit hats. Chorosia’s self titled album alternates frenetic rides to slow, profound and introspective moments of decadence, the instrument’s union doesn’t clash for a single second and produces a monolithic result. The rythm choices are surprising and never step into banality, covering practically the entire spectrum of the doom and sludge style. "Place of Planes", the bottom track, is pure chocolate for the lovers of the genre, the perfect conclusion of this outset album: it burns like a fire coming from a rocket ready to be launched. The last seconds of Chorosia is a foggy glaze to a brillant future, what actually this band deserves, no doubt about it.