Velvet Dream - Darkened Mysteria

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Velvet Dream Darkened Mysteria(Into Endless Chaos Records, 2018)

Score: 70
#FOR FANS OF: Ambient, Vinterriket
Now that the winter is with us, it is the perfect time to enjoy some freezing and cold music. On this occasion, I reviewed the new opus of a German project called Velvet Dream. I have no information about the memberst of this mysterious project, which I suppose only increases the veil of mystery that this project tries to create around its music. Velvet Dream plays a very bleak and cold form of ambient music, which inevitably reminds me one of the titans of the scene, the mighty Vinterriket. This project has obviously some similarities though they try to add elements which try to enrich a style not known for being very varied. 

'Darkened Mysteria' is in fact a long work, lasting one hour, that for the profanes in this genre, it may be too repetitive or boring, but as I supporter of this kind of music, I can find tiny details which make the album interesting. The keys have in general a dark tone, but sometimes they also sound ethereal and otherworldly. In contrast with the aforementioned ambient legend Vinterriket, the keys sound really hypnotic but not exclusively cold and wintry. Sometimes they are accompanied by other sounds, like footsteps in the snow, which can be heard the album opener “Winter im Gebirg”. In other occasions, the band adds some natural sounds, like water flowing as occurs in the second track “Calling of Morpheus”, or a thunder. Thanks to these adds, some songs sound like a soundtrack of a remote and isolated landscape and they have a more natural approach, which reminds me those nature themed ambient albums.

Anyway, the album has a general dark and tenebrous tone with songs which sound especially bleak and mysterious, like the third, the longest track “Im Kristallsaal des Herrschers”. But the project shines, if I can use this term taking into account the content of the album, when they combine those dark and monotonous keys with others more ethereal and gorgeous, like it happens in “In den Hallen des Basaltberges”. In those moments, the combination looks inspired and makes Velvet Dream´s music more enriching and interesting.

In conclusion, Velvet Dream has released a quite good album of dark ambient, which obviously sounds cold and bleak, but also warmer when the band introduces nature-esque sounds. Moreover, the project appears more interesting when they combine different keys avoiding too long and monotonous sections, so I hope they will offer us in the future, more songs in the vein of the excellent “Calling of Morpheus”.