Rusty Cage, puntata 5 stagione 2018-2019: WHO THE HELL "TRAPEZE" ARE ? A young Glenn Hughes & other (deep) Purple's illicit stories

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HI FOLKS ! Tonight is a hard-blues-rock night ! Dalle 23 la 5^ puntata della 6^ stagione di Rusty Cage radioshow: "WHO THE HELL "TRAPEZE" ARE ? (trad. CHI CAZZO ERANO I TRAPEZE ?)"

"WHO THE HELL "TRAPEZE" ARE ? (trad. it. CHI CAZZO ERANO I TRAPEZE ?)" - Stevie Wonder said one time: "Glenn Hughes is the best white male soul singer ever heard", according to his first steps with an English hard-blues-rock-soul band called "Trapeze" ! In 1972, Glenn and Mel Galley recorded a great Lp ("YOU'RE THE MUSIC ... WE'RE JUST THE BAND"). One year before, the producer Derek Lawrence gathered for one night Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Paice, Procol Harum's Matthew Fisher and session guitarists Albert Lee and Big Jim Sullivan for an incredible missing nugget called "GREEN BULLFROG" project. For contractual reasons, the musicians were billed under pseudonyms and the LP was not promoted as well (and it was forgotten quickly). Some months later, Ritchie Blackmore was lookin' for a new singer and a new bassman for his Deep Purple...

This is Season 6 Episode 05 of Rusty Cage radioshow, originally broadcast on Radio Onda d'Urto on 2018, October 24th. Enjoy it !

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