Lifewoven - Dreadnought

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Author: Bob Szekely


Lifewoven Dreadnought(Autoprodotto, 2013)

Score: 90

#FOR FANS OF: Black Jazz Progressive

Dreadnought is a Denver (CO) band that can best be described as psychedelic jazz/prog-metal fusion. Between frequent drum rim shots and ride cymbal, odd time signatures, clear vocal harmonies that at first hearken to Jon Anderson and Chris Squire in Yes which in the next second they morph into something far more tense and foreboding. Classic rock influences poke their heads though occasionally and briefly--with organ textures reminiscent of Keith Emerson and Jon Lord (Hammond B3) making furtive cameos. Flute melodies on top of power chords meld into sections with black metal vocals which segue into instrumentals leaning into prog-rock territory when suddenly, trumpet solos erupt. Lifewoven can be reflective and jazzy with rock undercurrents one moment and with demonic vocal howls overlaying the song the next. For listeners who like progressive and jazzy elements mixed with rock and metal, I suggest you give this a try. I've yet to find anything quite like this, but it does grow on you. The musicianship is top notch, as the members of Dreadnought take you on emotional and mental voyage, as they explore elements of multiple genres with each song movement, while making the synthesis and evolution of each song somehow sound natural. There are five songs on this release, each with a single-word title: "Nascence", "Lift", "Deluge", "Utopia", "Immolate" and "Renaissance". The shortest song, "Immolate" clocks in at just under five minutes, the longest, "Deluge" at almost thirteen-and-a-half. A lot of emotions and feelings are explored on "Lifewoven". It's a musical journey that is well worth taking.