Closet disco queen - Sexy audio deviance for punk bums (2017)

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Closet disco queen Sexy audio deviance for punk bumsLabel: This charming man records

Issued: 2017







Una introduzione intuitivamente sospesa tra il post-rock flirtante con certi rigori math e i King crimson più aleatoriamente psych, dopodiché il suono erompe fluido eppure magmatico in un modo che ricorda gli Stone roses fluviali di Breaking into heaven, poi il suono diventa più etereo e al contempo più materico in un modo che potrebbe ricordare certe cose del terzo album dei Landskapp (Ninjaune). Le tentazioni stoner/metal diventano crescentemente irresistibili e rendono il chitarrismo epiteliale e poi esofitico nella successiva El Moustachito. Difficile infine non individuare una devozione nervosamente zeppeliniana nella conclusiva Délicieux. Nonostante la (straordinaria ma) fuorviante copertina, in queste (sole) tre sensuali audio-perversioni per chiappe punkettare il duo svizzero chitarra/batteria composto da due ex spaccametalloni individua una traiettoria visibile a occhio nudo eppure vividamente conturbante. Vedremo.


Sì però avrei fretta: Ninjaune



Tre domande alla band

Q1 - I enjoyed the artwork of your album. Even more, I enjoyed that it had seemigly nothing to with the kind of music I expected to listen to. Well… this ain't really a question. I'd just like to have some comments on that.

A1 - I can do better than that. Here’s one of the first e-mail I sent to Fabian (Bremer, the graphic designer) when he was asking about references. « It’s kind of all about sex, drugs, booze, dancing like there’s no tomorrow….For movies I’d say that Fear and Loathing in Vegas is the best I could quote for that band maybe some Morricone for what the ambient part of the band is concerned. Music we should think Jimi Hendrix, Omar Rodriguez as well as some more hard rock stuff like AC/DC, Zeppelin and such…also, and this for no reason, when I think about how stupid we are, that always makes me wanna listen to Mariachi music. » To which Fabian answered: « It’s funny that you mention Mariachi music because I initially had something like that in mind, don’t ask me why. I could really imagine something very stupid...something visually messing, distracting, shady stuff. Maybe even in terms of typography. » This was all before we had the title for the EP. Then came « Sexy audio deviance for punk bums ». If it did one thing, it was to make us feel even more confident about the confusing artwork, the non-matching band name with the music and the absurdity of the whole thing. It kind of became coherent after adding up non-sense elements. We even made a t-shirt out of the cake on wheels that you can see on the cover. Second favorite, the coca-cola zero parrot. WOW.

Q2 - Do you really think punk bums will ever enjoy your sexy audio deviances? Are you going to play any, uh, Ritchie Blackmore tunes at your concert? Just kidding. Which artist would you like to cover then?

A2 - Since our main band - Coilguns - comes from a hardcore-punk background, I did not know how « punks" would receive Closet Disco Queen’s music since it is absolutely not engaged and all about playing loud and having shots. But then I guess the way we deliver on stage must work out for them since we always had great shows, even when playing with fastcore and d-beat bands in squatts or punk nights. With this band in particular we talked about covering Marilyn Manson a lot. But it would not make sense without vocals. I mean we’re not so much into covers anyway, but imagine playing Lunchbox on stage, fuck!

Q3 - OK. And what about now?

A3 - No and after 3 years it will be time to write a second album when time will allow it. At the moment we’re preparing the release of Coilguns second album « Millennials ». It will be out on march 23rd through my label Hummus Records. We will play a few off shows during the year but no tour.