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The track “Miserable” was written in one go, music and double lyrics - Italian / English - having in mind the global socio-economic situation, but above all Italian, after year 2008.

Yes, it was a few years ago, but even then I was bothered by the theory that framed the crisis as one of the many previous ones and "then everything will be as before".

Musically I mixed elements of the 50s ballad with elements of the more sophisticated blues, but without losing sight of immediacy and irony.

I choose to approach the two versions, Italian and English, in different keys, to better suite my vocals. In detail, the version of the first is "lower" than the English one where a voice can wander, hit and scratch in the genre. The sound of the Italian words recalls more concentration and less coarseness. It is a good example of how the Italian language shows limits in the rock field. On the other hand, the English language bares its limits in opera...

To create a suitable environment for the song, to place it in a homogeneous mini album, I fished out other blues songs that I had previously interpreted or written. This is how “BLUESLANZ” was born.

In the new release there is also a "bonus track" rescued from the performance of "Cover Live".



“BLUESLANZ” with the single “Miserabile”, in double Italian / English version, is a mini collection of original Blues, written and sung by Bernardo Lanzetti.

Strained by the rapid changes in the world and society, in some way to exorcise fears for the future, remember: "Blues can turn despair into noble energy!"

1. “Miserable”

Direct lyrics on the blues track, very contemporary, for a strong vocals performance. Subtle 50ies sound revisited.

2. “2 Much 4 Just 1 Man”

Too Much For Just One Man” – a love-blues in A minor, as it should be. Arrangement and guitar by Andrea Cervetto, now performing with the “Myth of New Trolls” and in the musical “We Will Rock You” by “Queen”, do create a highly suggestive environment for Lanzetti’s words and voice.

3. “Good To Love You”

Rock-Blues energy. The Telecaster guitar like an electric Mantra.

4. “Oh Mother”

Originally written and performed on stage for a theatre play after the poem “Kaddish” by Allen Ginsberg, this track comes to new life through the strings section of the mellotron.

5. “Miserabile”

Second version. Italian language takes its chance. Blues all the way through.

6. “I Can’t Stand The Rain”- Bonus track

A Classic as recorded live and remastered.