Titolo Autore
The Big south market - Muzak (2016) UfJ
The Black - Golgotha Roberto Alba
The Black keys - Turn blue (2014) UfJ
THE BLIND OWLS - All Day and Night Riccardo Storti
The Body - I Have Fought Against It But I Can’t Any Longer Matteo Baldi
The Body lovers - Number one of three (1998) UfJ
The Brain Washing Machine - Seven Years Later Mikmonta
THE BREATHING EFFECT - The Fisherman Abides Riccardo Storti
The Burning Dogma - No Shores of Hope Zekimmortal
The Camp Hours - Wise as a Tree Michele Montanari
The Canyon Observer - Chapter II: These Binds Will Set You Free franz
The Canyon Observer - Nøll franz
The Chanfrughen - Shah Mat Andrea Zappaterra
The Chapel of Exquises Ardents Pears - TorqueMadra franz
The Charles Ingalls - S/t maudrup
The Chasing Monster - Tales franz
The Circle Ends Here - The Division Ahead kent
THE CIRCLE ENDS HERE - Where Time Leaves the Rest franz
The Clash - London Calling Dj LT
THE CLASSIC STRUGGLE - Feel Like Hell franz
The Cliffhanger - Hit The Horizontal EP marc
The Clouds Will Clear - Recollection of What Never Was franz
The Coffeen - You Must Be Certain of Mikmonta
The Conformation Change - Far From Home Matteo Baldi
The Corrs - Jupiter calling (2017) UfJ
The Cult - Hidden city (2016) UfJ
THE CURE - Faith cricri
The D - The United States of Mind athos
The Damned - Fiendish Shadows Sam2882
THE DARK SHINE - Last Chance uglymerly
THE DEADIST - Time Without Light franz
The Death of Her Money - You Are Loved Michele Montanari
The Decemberists - Florasongs (2015) UfJ
The Decemberists - I'll be your girl (2018) UfJ
The Decemberists - The king is dead (2011) UfJ
The Decemberists - What a terrible world, what a beautiful world (2015) UfJ
THE DENIAL - Claws franz
THE DESTINY PROGRAM - Subversive Blueprint franz
The Devil's Trade - What Happened to the Little Blind Crow Bob Stoner
The Dresden dolls - Yes, Virginia… (2006) UfJ
The Drowning - Senescent Signs franz
THE ELYSIAN FIELDS - Suffering G.O.D. Almighty franz
The Entity - Salt Roberto Alba
The Entrepreneurs - Noise & Romance Shadowsofthesun
The Evans - Blow Plays Mikmonta
THE EX KGB - первый Путин (I PUTIN) athos
The Extinct Dreams - Fragments of Eternity franz
THE FAR CRY - If only… Valentino Butti
The Fat white family - Champagne holocaust (2013) UfJ
The Fifth Alliance - Death Poems Bob Stoner
The Firebirds - Light my fire (1968) UfJ
The Flaming lips - With a little help from my fwends (2014) UfJ
THE FOETAL MIND - The Grand Contraction franz
The Former Life - Electric Stilness athos
The Forty Days - Beyond the air Alberto Sgarlato
The Frozen Autumn - Emotional Screening Device GodTech
The Gathering - Downfall uglymerly
The Great Northern X - Coven Mikmonta
The Great Old Ones - Al Azif franz
The Great Old Ones - Tekeli-li franz
THE GRIEVING PROCESS - Assimilated Deformation franz
The Guildmaster - Liber de Dictis athos
The Guildmaster - The Knight & The Ghost athos
The Hangover - After Nightmares franz
The Haunting Green - S/t franz
The Heartbreaks - Hand On Heart ep Ricky
The High Jackers - Da Bomb Gianni Sapia
The Hong Kong Sleepover - Bolscevik Firecracker maudrup
The Horn - Volume Ten franz
The House Of Love - She Paints Words In Red Ricky
THE HOUSE OF USHER - Radio Cornwall franz
The House of Usher - Radio Cornwall Sam2882
The Howling Void - Nightfall Bob Stoner
THE HOWLING VOID - Shadows Over the Cosmos franz
The Howling Void - The Womb Beyond the World Bob Stoner
The Human instinct - Pins in it (1971) UfJ
THE IKAN METHOD - BLUE SUN Evandro Piantelli
The Infarto, Scheisse! - The Infarto, Scheisse! kent
THE INTERBEING - Edge of the Obscure franz
The Isdal Cadaver - Ruin Don Anelli
The Jon Spencer blues explosion - Freedom tower, no wave dance party 2015 (2015) UfJ
The Kelly family - We got love (2017) UfJ
The Kills - Midnight boom (2008) UfJ
The Kompressor Experiment - 2001 Luca Paoli
The Kordz - Beauty and the east (2001) UfJ
The Lassie Foundation - The El Dorado LP marc
The Last Days - When the Tomorrow is a grey day franz
THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS - Dead Machines' Revolution! franz
The Last Three Lines - Leafless Maudrup
The Leaving - Faces Massimiliano Paganini
THE LEGION - Revocation Franz
The Lonesome Picking Pines - Scanzoncina Folk athos
The Lost Vision of the Chandoo Priest - The Lost Vision of the Chandoo Priest Alberto Sgarlato
The Marbles - The Marbles (1970) UfJ
The Matador - Descent Into the Maelstrom franz
The Matador - Destroyer franz
The Mavericks - Brand new day (2017) UfJ
THE MEGS - Jealousy Van
The Melancholic Youth of Jesus - Gush Claudio Catena