Rusty Cage, puntata 7 stagione 2017-2018: PEOPLE GET READY PT. 1 - THE LEGEND OF CURTIS MAYFIELD

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HI FOLKS !!! Dalle 23 in onda la VII puntata della V stagione di Rusty Cage radio show : "PEOPLE GET READY: THE LEGEND OF CURTIS MAYFIELD - live and unreleased"

S05O7 PEOPLE GET READY PT. 1 - THE LEGEND OF CURTIS MAYFIELD - This is the first part of two radioshows about the legendary Curtis Mayfield from Chicago. Here you can hear his first steps in the 60's with The Impressions, blending gospel, doo-woop & rhythm'n'blues from 1962 to 1969, writing masterpieces such as PEOPLE GET READY, KEEP ON PUSHING, WE'RE A WINNER and the narration of his life, as a musician and as an activist in music for Afroamerican People.
This is Rusty Cage Radio Show Episode 7 of Season 5 ! Enjoy it !!!


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