Titolo Autore
Культура Курения / Regnmoln - Split album franz
#iosonomoka - #iosonomoka Fabio Rossi
'o Rom - Vacanze Romanes athos
(ECHO) - Devoid of Illusions franz
(EchO) - Head First Into Shadow franz
(SIC)MONIC - Somnambulist franz
*Shels - Laurentian's Atoll Silvia Comencini
*SHELS - Plains of the Purple Buffalo franz
+1476+ - Our Season Draws Near maudrup
+1476+ - Wildwood / The Nightside EP Maudrup
+1476+ – Edgar Allan Poe: A Life Of Hope & Despair franz
.O. rang - Herd of instinct (1994) UfJ
0 X í S T - Nil Filippo Zanotti
0N0 - Reconstruction and Synthesis franz
1000 FUNERALS - Butterfly Decadence franz
124C41+ - Mörs/Ërde franz
124C41+ - Ode franz
15 Freaks - Stuntman Mikmonta
15 Minutes of Shame - Scrambled Eggs Vanoli
25 Yard Screamer - Something that Serves to Warn or Remind maudrup
2cellos - Celloverse (2015) UfJ
3 Days of Silence - Sodium/Sulfur franz
3,14 - неизбежность Damiano Benato
36 Stanze - Mattanza kent
417.3 - 34 franz
65daysofstatic - The Destruction of Small Ideas Mauro Catena
7marzo - Vorrei rinascere in un lama (2017) UfJ
91 All Stars - Retour Vers la Lumière Don Anelli
:BAHNTIER// - Revulsive Roberto Alba
:Bolverk: - Uaar Fabio Rossi
?Alos - Matrice Bob Stoner
?Alos - The Chaos Awakening Bob Stoner
Å - Å simi
A Cold Dead Body - Harvest Years Michele Montanari
A Dream Of Poe - An Infinity Emerged Norum
A Flourishing Scourge - As Beauty Fades Away Bob Stoner
A Flower Kollapse - S/t Mikmonta
A Jigsaw – Like the wolf (Rewind music, 2009) emi.
A Million Dead Birds Laughing - Bloom franz
A Million Dead Birds Laughing - Xen franz
A perfect circle - Eat the elephant (2018) UfJ
A PRISON CALLED EARTH - Rise of the Octopus (Realistic Tale of a Sprawling City) franz
A Sense of Gravity - Travail franz
A Tear Beyond - Beyond Filippo Zanotti
A Time to Hope - Full of Doubts Mikmonta
A Total Wall - Delivery franz
A toys orchestra - Midnight (R)Evolution Vanoli
A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm - La Came Crude franz
A.C.O.D. - II The Maelstrom franz
AA. VV. - Straight to hell (1987) UfJ
AA.VV. - A Life In Yes: The Chris Squire Tribute Riccardo Storti
AA.VV. - And I'll scratch yours (2013) UfJ
AA.VV. - Big blue ball (2008) UfJ
AA.VV. - Celebrating Jon Lord: the rock legend [video] (2014) UfJ
AA.VV. - Collected by Mizoo - Greenosophy Chapter II Bob Stoner
AA.VV. - Decameron: Ten Days in 100 Novellas – Part III athos
AA.VV. - DIPLOCOMP :: A Diplodisc sampler Mirco Delfino
AA.VV. - Faber amico fragile... (2003) UfJ
AA.VV. - Marc Bolan David Bowie – a Tribute to the Madmen athos
AA.VV. - Out Of Order marc
AA.VV. - Prog Exhibition. Il festival della musica immaginifica athos
AA.VV. - Ronnie James Dio, this is your life (2014) UfJ
AA.VV. - Sunny Sunday Smile Volume 2 / Safe Home - Travel In Time EP marc
AA.VV. - The Dark Side Of The Cult (A tribute to Blue Oyster Cult) Fabio Rossi
AA.VV. - The Thingies have arrived! (1998) UfJ
AA.VV. - Tribute to Keith Emerson & Greg Lake Riccardo Storti
AA/VV - Mixed by Focal - Polarity Bob Stoner
Aamunkajo - Avaruuden Tyhjyydessä Damiano Benato
Aanod - Yesterday Comes Tomorrow franz
Abaton - Hecate kent
Abaton - We are Certainly not Made of Flesh franz
Abbas Taeter - Oblio franz
Abbhama - Alam raya (1978) UfJ
ABHOR - I.gne N.atura R.enovatur I.ntegra Roberto Alba
ABHOR - Nequaquam Vacuum (Beginning of the Great Opera) franz
Abhordium - Omega Prayer franz
Abhorrent - Intransigence Don Anelli
ABIGAIL'S MERCY - Salvation franz
Abigor - Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition) Five_Nails
Abisso - Son of Abyss Fabio Rossi
ABIURA - Nursery Rhymes For The Unborn franz
ABLAZE IN HATRED – Deceptive Awareness franz
Abominable putridity - The anomalies of artificial origin (2012) UfJ
Abortus - Process of Elimination Roberto Alba
ABORYM - With No Human Intervention Roberto Alba
ABOVE THE RIM - Demon Roberto Alba
Abraham - Look, here comes the dark! (2018) UfJ
Abraxas - Totem maudrup
ABROGATION - Sarggeburt Il Sacrilego
Absent/Minded - Alight franz
Absent/Minded - Earthtone franz
Absent/Minded - Raum franz
Absinthe River - Echoes of Societal Dysfunction franz
Absinthium - One for the Road uglymerly
Abske Fides - Abske Fides franz
Abstract Orchestra - Dilla Riccardo Storti
Abstract Spirit - Horror Vacui Damiano Benato
Abstract Spirit - Theomorphic Defectiveness franz
Abstract Spirit / Ennui - Escapism franz