Sathanas - Necrohymns

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Author: Five_Nails


Sathanas Necrohymns(Transcending Obscurity Records, 2018)

Score: 70

#FOR FANS OF: Black/Death




It's nice to hear some black metal with a swing to it, creating a rhythm that's more than an atonal hammering behind impersonal screams. Pennsylvania's Sathanas, now releasing its tenth full-length album, treads this path with a sharp lead guitar over swift double bass and a beatdown hailing from the Florida school of death metal. Its initial impressions impossible to ignore, the impact of “Upon the Wings of Desecration” and “Sacramentum” bring an initial burst of momentum before changing pace so as to propel such a weighty vehicle to conquer the incredible heights for which the treble strives. Like thrusting an eighteen wheeler into its low hill-climbing gear after getting a good run at a rising mountain road, Sathanas ascends the walls of Hell and perches atop the pit, and atop its perch it will stay for this band, born in the uncertainty of extreme metal's early movements, seeks to hone and define its terse and blunt sound.

As many metals melt monuments into the mountains surrounding Hell's sea of fire, and more sophisticated constructs frame perdition with the stately accouterments of a thriving and growing megalopolis, Sathanas' structure stands as a relic hailing the imposing fortress-like brutalism of yesteryear's architectural aesthetic. Its signature ascending arpeggios, screaming through grain and choking on embers, bouncing beats battered by blistering bass, and a filthy snare rhythm joining the fury make “Harbinger of Death” grind bones to dust while digging chains into the wailing walls of souls entombed in the fearsome kingdom. The chaos of this dominion is denoted in the gratifying carnage of a solo springing up from “At the Left Hand of Satan”, the obscure coven in which “Witchcult” practices its damnable rites, and the condemnation of “Raise the Flag of Hell” ensure that the consistency of an aging band retains its potency in venomous vocals and raucous riffing.

Sathanas isn't out to bring a new definition to a genre, attempt to pay homage to the past with young blood and flagging creativity, or to ruin a prolific and lengthy career with an egregious about face. Sathanas instead is honing its craft and reveling in its longevity. While embracing the mass of its sound and preoccupied with expanding its waistline rather than its musical horizons, the band brings the stamina that carries such a heavy burden endlessly upwards and continues to etch finer details into its basic and brutalist building. Still solid under its doughier surroundings, Sathanas stands strong.