Rusty Cage, puntata 3 stagione 2017-2018: FROM THE BEACH VOL. 3

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HI FOLKS !!! Dalle 23 continua la V stagione di Rusty Cage radio show : "STILL SUMMER NEW SONGS ... FROM THE BEACH vol. 3"



"Rusty Cage is a music show about memory and memories-lack and excess.It is a common thread that invites us to sit at the table. Rusty Cage is a blind date with Ms. Quality" - TONIGHT and EVERY WEDNESDAY----Travel with no luggage, tune RUSTY CAGE! 2 pm Los Angeles, 4pm Austin & NOLA, 5pm NYC, 7pm Buenos Aires, 10 pm London, Oporto and Madrid, 11pm Brescia/Paris/Berlin - See you in stream _^^_ " (posted by Arugula Cracker - NYC, january 2014)