Systemik Viølence - Anarquia-Viølência

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Author: Dominik


Systemik Violence Anarquia Violencia(Ring Leader/Regulator Records/Raginplanet/Raw'n'Roll Rex, 2018)

Score: 80

#FOR FANS OF: Crust/Punk




I positively absolutely love this!

Remember the past. When you were fifteen. Your mother or father came to your room and told you to fucking tidy up your chaos. And what did the average pubescent like me do? Everything but! Back into the present and right to “Anarquia-Viølência”. A serious sounding guy tells you that he is “positively absolutely sure that a lot of you are going to hate this”. I feel like fifteen again, stick my finger in the air, tell him to stuff it and expect positively absolutely the exact opposite. By definition. By principle. The question is whether a Suicidal Tendencies “One Finger Salute” is justified. Let me be the objective judge for you.

Should anyone be out there who thinks that punk has gone soft (what in my humble opinionis unfortunately true for a lot of today´s “post-something bullshit”), here is your salvation. Systemik Viølence gives you a seven-song tour through the grime and filth of the Portuguese gutters and sewer system. The dudes created a cesspool that mixes punk, hardcore, d-beat and crust in a fantastic way. Sawing shredding guitars, totally anarchic and slightly distorted vocals that are shouted, spit out and vomited into you face and relentless drumming is the foundation of SV hate campaign.In a world, a lie gets halfway around the globe before the truth has a chance to get its pants on, I am positively absolutely sure we need upright people like in SV to shake the moral tree and share their truth in a way it can be heard.

And hear you do! There is no single highlight to be highlighted. The recording works best if digested as a whole. The spoken samples between the seven pandemic outbreaks help to make listening a seamless exercise. If any first wave Scandinavian raw black metal band had decided to go punk / hardcore / crust, we now would listen to “Under a crapitalism moon” or “Transylvanian vulture culture”. What I really like when listening to AV is that though the record barely hits the 13minutes mark, it feels more intense, more elaborated than that. I understand that “elaborated” in connection with a bare to the bones punk / hardcore manifestation feels like a contradiction in terms. But SV manage to squeeze chaotic soli into their eruptions (“Crapitalism”), throw quite memorable metallic riffs at you (“Male Dumbinance”), created excellent choruses (“Anarquia-Viølência”) and are fucking convincing oozing the trve spirit in the true sense of the word.

You may ask me, what is the flipside of the coin? Aha, you see, you have been affected by the current global negativity around us. Always looking for the fly in the ointment. I am positively absolutely sure that once you start to dig into ““Anarquia-Viølência” you will join to support the fight against the stupidity of modern day dictators, self-appraising idiot presidents and similar D.R.I.s and will forget that 13 minutes next time should be 30 with the alternative to acquire the next record as a CD as well (here you have your justification of the missing 15%....).

In summary: it felt good to be fifteen again! Saúde!