Titolo Autore
Alphaville - Strange attractor (2017) UfJ
ALPTHRAUM - Cacophonies from Six Nightmares Damiano Benato
Alrealon Musique presents - New Sonic Strategies Bob Stoner
Alt-J - An awesome wawe (2012) UfJ
Alt-J - This is all yours (2014) UfJ
Altamont - Prayer for the soul (1983) UfJ
Altare Thotemico - Sogno Errando athos
Altare Thotemico - Sogno Errando Gianni Sapia
Altrock Chamber Quartet - Sonata Islands goes RIO Riccardo Storti
ALVERG - Elde franz
ALVITI & PAPOTTO - Le immagini della musica Mattia Scarsi
AM TUAT - Inmotion franz
AM:PM - Aberrant Minds Provoke Murder Don Anelli
Amaze Knight - The Key athos
Amber Tears - Revelation Renounced franz
AMBER TEARS - The Key to December franz
Ambientium - Digiseeds Bob Stoner
Ambiguïté - Light & Shade franz
Amedeo Miconi - RockVirus athos
Amederia - Unheard Prayers Sam2882
AMIA VENERA LANDSCAPE - The Long Procession franz
Amidst the Withering - The Dying of the Light Don Anelli
Amily - To All In Graves kent
Amoral - Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows franz
AMORPHIS - Tales from the Thousand Lakes orso
AMORPHIS - Tales From The Thousand Lakes franz
Amorphis - Under the red cloud (2015) UfJ
Amouth - Awaken franz
Amp Rive - Irma Vep Gianni Sapia
AMPEDRA - A perfect day - live franz
AMPHITRYON - Drama remez80
Amplified Memory - The Ever Spinning Wheel franz
Amy Lee - Aftermath (2014) UfJ
An Autumn for Crippled Children - Only the Ocean Knows franz
An Autumn For Crippled Children - Try not to Love Everything you Destroy franz
Anabasi Road - Anabasi Road athos
Anabasi Road - S/t maudrup
Anastacia - Evolution (2017) UfJ
Anastacia - It's a man's world (2012) UfJ
Anathema - Distant Satellites Silvia Comencini
Anathema - The optimist (2017) UfJ
ANATHEMA - We’re Here Because We’re Here Falco
ANATHEMA - We’re Here Because We’re Here Falco
Anathème - Fujon Silvia Comencini
ANCESTRAL LEGACY - Trapped Within the Words franz
Ancient Ascendant - Echoes and Cinder Bob Szekely
ANCIENT DOME - Perception Of This World uglymerly
Ancient Veil - I am changing Riccardo Storti
ANCIENT VEIL - Rings of Earthly... Live Riccardo Storti
Ancients - Constellation Silvia Comencini
Ancst - Moloch/In Turmoil franz
And Then We Fall - Soul Deserts Mikmonta
Andrea Braido Band plays Deep Purple & Rainbow: Live in Hard! athos
Andrea Braido Jazz organ trio - S/T athos
Andrea Celeste - Se Stasera Sono Qui athos
Andrea di Marco feat. Max Campioni - Ridere e Vivere athos
Andrea Gianessi - L'Alternativa athos
Andrea Gianessi - La via della seta athos
Andrea Vercesi - Blue athos
Andrew Powell - Ladyhawke (1985) UfJ
Andy Rive - Acclimation franz
ANEURYSM - Archaic Life Form franz
ANEURYSM - Aware franz
ANEURYSM - Shades franz
ANGEL OF ANGER - Angel of Anger franz
Angelic upstarts - Independent punk singles collection (1995) UfJ
Angels of light - Everything is good here / please come home (2003) UfJ
Angels of light - How I loved you (2001) UfJ
Angels of light - New mother (1999) UfJ
Angels of light - The Angels of light sing 'Other people' (2005) UfJ
Angels of light - We are him (2007) UfJ
Angels of light - We were alive!!! (2002) UfJ
Änglagård - Prog Pa Svenska: Live In Japan athos
Animae Capronii – Red Shot One, No Two, Three, Four Thousands! Bob Stoner
ANKHAGRAM - Where Are You Now franz
Anna Calvi - Anna Calvi (2011) UfJ
Anneke van Giersbergen & Árstíðir - Verloren verleden (2016) UfJ
Annie Barbazza e Max Repetti - MOONCHILD athos
Annwn - Idris Awaits franz
Anomalie - Between the Light franz
ANONIMA DISASTRI - Mankind Disaster franz
Anorak - Go up in Smoke franz
ANSIRIA - Il vuoto e la sua vanità athos
ANTEMASQUE - Antemasque Lorenzo Barbagli
ANTERIOR - This Age of Silence franz
Antethic - Origin Silvia Comencini
Anthologies - Alpha Sam2882
Anthony Valentino - Walking on Tomorrow Vanoli
Anthrax - For all kings (2016) UfJ
ANTIGAMA - Resonance franz
Antigama/Psychofagist - 9 Psalms Of An Antimusic To Come kent
Antonello Giliberto - The Mansion of Lost Souls Matteo Malvezzi
Antonino Di Cara - Novelle dell’Altrove Vanoli
Antonio "Rigo" Righetti - Profondo Basso athos
Antonio Jasevoli e Mauro Smith - The Wolf Session athos
Antonio Severi - Sunday Morning athos
Anubis - A Tower of Silence Michele Montanari
Any Face - The Cult of Sickness Bob Stoner
APEIRON - Among the Lost franz
Aphonic Threnody - First Funeral Bob Stoner